In the fall of 2020, Amy Kistabish-Jérôme, Sheldon Kistabish and Andrée-Ann Monforton participated in the Encounter Territory camp. In a formula particularly adapted to the current health situation, they received virtual training and support. They carried out intergenerational encounters independently with their family members or according to health measures in effect. During these meetings, they made several video recordings that they then shared with artist Karl Chevrier. Here is a montage of excerpts from these cultural camps.

Territoires et identités (Territories and Identities)

In the summer of 2021, a group of Anicinabe youth participated in the Territories and Identities language camp that took place at the Kinawit site of the Val-d'Or Indigenous Friendship Centre. During this five-day stay, the youth were able to benefit from the presence of seven elders in order to explore different cultural and linguistic concepts.


Passing down tradition

Created by artist
Karl Chevrier

First a painter, then a sculptor, Karl Chevrier is an Anicinabe artist from the community of Timiskaming First Nation. His desire to contribute to the development of young Anicinabe artists made him the perfect artist to create the piece "Transmettre la tradition".

"I believe that my attentiveness to our Elders as they tell their stories and the respect I hold for our values and our land make me a better artist. I really enjoy sharing my culture through my art. My inspiration comes from Elders and my family."

Karl Chevrier's journey is connected to his territory, to the Elders and to human beings facing pain, joy and challenges. He is a committed artist, a protector of the environment, through teachings he shares with youth and adults. His multidisciplinary production comes from nature, from salvaging, from the history of his ancestors. He speaks of his roots, his social, political and historical environment. His art is a combination of Indigenous culture and contemporary art. His goal is to involve imagination and challenge viewers to reflect so that they may understand his vision of life, through his desire to be an agent of change.

Enjoy the work on the grounds of the Migwan School in Pikogan!