For First Peoples, the land is an integral part of identity. The practice of ancestral traditions through the preservation of language and culture is a symbol of pride, affirmation, recognition, reconnection and resilience.

Therefore, since 2020, La Boîte Rouge VIF has initiated cultural and linguistic camps in several communities to encourage young people to learn and document their culture, to generate dialogue as well as the exchange and transmission of knowledge between generations, and to highlight and share cultural identities in order to create permanent and inspiring traces.

Focusing on intergenerational encounters and an introduction to media technologies centered on cultural and intergenerational documentation, these camps invite youth and Elders to gather together on the land to promote the practice of cultural activities and exchanges of linguistic concepts.


As part of the Territories of Encounters camp, participants are invited to share their cultural experience with a mentor artist. The result of this collaboration is the co-creation of a permanent piece that allows for expression, affirmation and understanding between nations through art, culture and education.

The Territories and Identities camp encourages participants to create linguistic video clips to record the knowledge of Elders and share the wealth of these encounters by capturing and transmitting authentic cultural content that promotes the culture and languages practiced within the given territory which shapes identity.

Come for a visit to discover these territories and these shared identities!

Make sure to return, other territories and identities will be displayed as the camps carry on!

In 2020, 2021 and 2022, Kangiqsujuaq, Waswanipi, Pikogan, Kinawit (Val-d'Or), Pessamit and Mashteuiatsh were the territories which held these gatherings, where more than twenty Indigenous youth became key players regarding the vitality and development of their identities.


Special thanks to

La Boîte Rouge VIF would like to thank the participants, collaborators and partners who took part in the realization of this project.

Elders and Cultural Experts:

Michel Kanape, Éric Kanape, Michelle Crépeau, Hélène St-Onge, Adélina Bacon, Louise Canapé, Jennifer Fontaine, Jessica Arngak, Alacie Koneak, Lizzie Irniq, Mélodie Duplessis, Adamie Phillie, Tom Mapachee, Oscar Kistabish, Stanley Brazeau, Roger Wylde, Grace Ratt, Alice Jérôme, Xavier Mantha, Allan Saganash, Robert Buckell, the Valin's family, the Verreault's family, Molly Mowatt, David Kistabish, Kim Chevrier

Young Cultural Ambassadors :

Young Cultural Ambassadors : Andréa Tremblay, Marc-Olivier Gingras, Jennifer Launière, Janine Tremblay, Nigel Adams, Paulie Uqittuq, Elsie Uqittuq, Andrée-Ann Monforton, Amy Kistabish-Jérôme, Sheldon Kistabish, Olan Cloutier, Branden Nodin Ratt, Gwenda Lacroix Pénosway, Mathieu Wabanonik, Ian Saganash, Éliane Grant, Mathis Copeau, Maxime St-onge, Meeka Vollant, Andrey Vollant, Gabrielle Riverin, Yan-David Vollant, Nancy Hervieux, Jonathan Vollant

Artists and cultural transmitters :

Sophie Kurtness, Karl Chevrier, Iima Arngaq, Akienda Lainé


Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh, Centre d’amitié autochtone de Val-d’Or, Site culturel Kinawit, Minwashin, Centre d’accueil et d’interprétation du Parc national des Pingualuit, Conseil de la Première Nation des Abitibiwinni, Michel Arès - Cree First Nation Of Waswanipi, Conseil des Ilnus de Pessamit - Secteur éducation et culture

Directing and Production Team:

Project Leadership: Claudia Néron and Tania Rock-Picard
Project Management: Cody Scott Simon, Marilyne Soucy, Andrea Tremblay and Darick Vollant
Directing Assistants: Antoni Lavoie, Abel Chachai,
Instructors: Jean-François Vachon, Carl Morasse and Marilyne Soucy
Technical Lead: Jean-François Vachon
Production Management and Accompaniment of Project Development: Marie-Christine Girard
Audiovisual Coordination: Valérie Blackburn
Audiovisual Production, Editing and Post-Production: Daniel Brière, Emile Dontigny, William Shawali, Gabrielle Paquet, Raphael Tremblay, Ken Allaire, Emmanuel Descôteaux
Translation: Mélanie Dutil, Hélène St-Onge and Mélodie Duplessis
Design, Programming and Publishing of the website: Jimmy Fortin

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